The day my Instagram died.

You've got to be kidding me right now...

I'm in mourning over here.  Don't you dare laugh, as one of my favorite social media apps has gone and died on me.  As of yesterday at 12:30 pm my Instagram feed and all my pictures has died.  I feel as if there has been a death in the family.  Or at least in my circle of friends.  I was despondent yesterday and most of today.  Will life go on, without my incessant uploading and editing of pictures of my children, breakfast, husband driving, and random cart loads at Target.  What about my followers?  Will they miss me, will they know that I'm gone?

Truth is, you probably didn't notice.  My minor freak out, the deleting and reinstalling of the app, at least seven times, was meaningless.  The resetting of my beloved iPhone was all in vain as well.  According to the mecca that is Google, there is a major outage for the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, and Netflix, after some thunderstorms back east.  Although, Pinterest and Netflix fixed that up right quick, Instagram has yet to recover. 

Fine, I get it.  It's not the end of the world.  Even for a blogger like me.  My husband thought it was hilarious, until I explained to him that his daughters baby books are literally in my Instagram feed.  That our lives over the last two years have been documented in Instagram pictures.  It's not like he is worried or cares more about the outage, he just cut me a little slack.  He still thinks I'm ridiculous, and that the world is not missing my paleo/whole 30 breakfast.

So Mr. or MS. Instagram, whoever you are (ZUCKERBERG), please, pretty please with sugar on top fix the Instagram outtage.  My kids think that my phone is broken as I'm not snapping pictures like a tourist.  I miss showing the world how cute my kids are and how important my shopping cart is at Target or the grocery store.  I'm also not wasting any outfits until I can show them off again.  Why waste new clothes on regular people in real life?  Their comments mean nothing to me, it's the likes and comments on Instagram that let me know I'm doing it right...

Seriously though, I can't even look at my Instagram feed without my heart breaking a little.  I feel like the kid picked last for dodge ball.  Or like I'm back in high school and I can't sit at the cool kids table!

Why can't I upload pictures of myself making a face like I don't realize I'm taking a picture of myself, but really I am taking a picture of myself?  I really miss taking pictures of myself, not caring about taking pictures of myself...  Isn't this the essence of Instagram?

And yes, I just wrote an entire post about Instagram, and I still can't post to Instagram.

Your welcome.


  1. Im mourning with you!!! Hope they get it fixed sooner than later!

  2. Ah! I miss you! IG is NOT the same without you...

  3. That would break my heart too :(

    Do you have access to the photos online?