Things I love {Trendy Little Link Up}

 I love that this gal has style all her own.

 I love that this one always says, "Too many pictures, Mommy!".

I love that this one begged for the frog basket, and that she actually posed.

I love that in her mind this was the appropriate attire for Costco.
Wedge sandals that are way too small.  Purse.  Fairy wings and wand.
My old sunnies.  Leggings, and Forever21 top.  She styled this all on her own.

I love that Mac insisted on wearing her "monster truck" shirt.
A hand me down from her cousin JT, who is now 12!

I love that my girls have their own personalities.  I love that yesterday, we had the windows down and Taylor Swift blasting.  I love that Mac asks for the "piggy" song... She says that Taylor sounds like that piggy in the insurance commercial, when she sings we are never getting back together.  I love that she drew that conclusion all on her own.  I love that Caitlin likes only the fast songs, and begs me to change the slow songs.  I love that Mac actually knows the chorus to "Stay", and sings it when she thinks we aren't listening.  I love that Mac yells at me when I sing along in the car.  I get it girls, I can't carry a tune... 

I love that they are carving their own places out in this world.
And I love that they are sure to leave colorful and creative marks every step of the way.

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  1. :) This is why being a mom is so great!

  2. So sweet! We love Taylor Swift in our home too. And, love the girls' style. Adorable. It's so much fun watching them learn & grow and create outfits along the way. My daughter definitely dresses more stylish than I do!

  3. Kudos to you Mama for not trying to have it perfectly together but letting them be them. where would all the exciting memories be otherwise?! love Caitlin's fairy wings!!

  4. I love this post and I may copy it. just sayin... I love the things that you love. especially that your daughter that her attire was appropriate for cotsco. I need to start taking pictures of what Leila wears out because she needs to ne "cute" and "perfect"....she is both but defini not because of the clothing she chooses :)