Store Bought Cakes {Mac turns three}

Store bought cakes do not a bad mother make.
Let's say it again.
Store bought cakes do not a bad mother make.
It's the truth.  Or so I keep telling myself.  This was the first year that I let birthdays go.  I asked for help.  I bought more things than I made.  I actually stressed that I wasn't going to make Mac's birthday special enough, or memorable enough.
Then I realized it didn't matter.
Mac had a blast turning three.  She only wanted two things: a stroller for her baby doll, and a chocolate cake.  Well precious girl, done and done.
Friday we kicked off our celebration with our neighbors in the front yard.  A double chocolate cake from Costco and vanilla ice cream.  Mac played with her friends, played in the dirt, and went to bed, dirty feet in all at 10:30.  She didn't notice that the napkins and the plates didn't match.  She didn't notice that the cake came in a plastic container.  She was too busy eating cake.
This is Miss Mac party bound.  Her shirt was bought at a craft fair, and her tutu is from Gymboree.  Her flippies are from Target.  I know right.  Oh and her moves are all her own.  She's pretty much owning three.
Scenes from Mac's party.  Peppa Pig printables by this girl on Etsy.  Let me tell you she is amazing, and has Peppa Pig invitations!  She included cupcake wrappers and punch out circles with this kit.  Mommy knew that cupcakes and picks were way outta her time limit, so I didn't use them, but they were part of the party package.  Also she can customize the printable packs for you, and they don't break the bank.  Check her out!  Also the Peppa figurine is from Amazon.  
Mac really, really, really, wanted a Peppa Pig birthday.  We watch Peppa Pig on loop since I had the brilliant idea to DVR about 13 episodes.  We are a Peppa Pig family, since it's not unusual to find us using British accents!
This beautiful chocolate, chocolate cake is from Costco.  I added my own Peppa Pig as previously stated.  Here's the thing, I debated whether or not to make a cake like I did last year.  Or to make cupcakes, or to ask someone to make cupcakes.  Then I thought, why, when I can just buy one and add to it, or not.  Why put so much pressure on myself.  So I decided to screw homemade, and order this damn cake.  That everyone loved by the way.  No harm no foul, and we are on our way to ordering one for Caitlin's birthday in June!
We also held Mac's party at The Jungle Party House in our local Mall (we have two in this area and this is the smaller one).  It has an art area, a jungle gym, a bounce house, karaoke and dress up for the kids, and a pool table, air hockey table, an Wii, for the adults.  It was the best decision I have made when it comes to birthday parties.  I was cool (considering yesterday hit 90 degrees), it was clean, and I came home to a house that was still clean with no clean up.  I mean really, is there anything better?
Mac working on some serious birthday party art.
The hubbs took this picture right after we sang Happy Birthday.
She doesn't really like that, and she refused to blow out her candles!
However she didn't refuse any cake or ice cream.
I tried to get a smile out of her, this was the closest I got!
This my friends is the after party.
Because turning three is really hard.
I'm exhausted too, can you tell?
So once again in the spirit of some of my favorite bloggers (Chelsea, Summer), forgoing the usual Perfectly Pinterest birthday isn't a mommy fail, it's actually a mommy win.  I was less stressed.  I enjoyed myself so much more.  I had a great time, and didn't have to stay up the night before decorating ladybug cupcakes, and a ladybug cake (true story).  I didn't spend three weeks making a tank top dress, or hair bows, or pom poms, I didn't wake up at 5 in the morning to ensure that the pasta salad and sandwiches would be ready in time for the party.  I bought a store bought cake, some printables, and ordered sandwich trays.  I feel I out Pinterested any party.
Because a store bought cake does not a bad mother make.
Or so I keep telling myself.


  1. You are right! A stressed mom is way worse than a store bought cake! Mac looked so cute and as long as she had a blast that is all the counts!

  2. Love it. Mac looks like she had the greatest time ever. So sweet. In the past I've been all about doing everything handmade, either making my own or buying pricey stuff because it was perfect. This past year though I've not had the desire and have realized as well that the kids really only care about the cake, friends & presents. Good for you, for not stressing over it all. And, you sure look gorgeous when you're exhausted. ;) Happy Birthday Mac!!

  3. You did a great job, the kids all had so much fun and that's all that matters. Im so over stressing about parties also.

  4. Aw that sounds like an awesome birthday!! I'd take any kind of cake right now, story bought or not, as long as I'm not baking it.

  5. This was the route I went for Jackson's party this year and it really does make for a happier mom which in turn makes for a happier little one! So glad Mac had fun this weekend. That place sounds amazing! Perhaps next year she'll let you snap a photo of the two of you smiling :)

  6. Sounds like an awesome time. We have always done store-bought (or bakery-ordered) cakes, both when I was a kid and now with my kids. I honestly just like them better! Don't waste time worrying about it. Aint nobody got time for that. ;)

  7. The store bought cake is a tradition in our household now. Every year my daughter and her grandma go and pick out what she wants together. The funny thing is my daughter is not a huge cake fan but insists on going and picking out each year.